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A 5-Week LIVE Online Program to Understand the Cycles of History, Prepare for the Coming 'Great Year', & Master Your Hero’s Journey

A Personal Letter from David Wilcock

Dear Seeker of Truth,

Everything I've been telling you for the last twenty-five years is now coming to an astonishing, worldwide conclusion.

Are you ready for this? It's only going to get more and more intense as time goes on. Life on Earth is now a very serious adaptive challenge for all of us.

There is confusion and despair. Many people feel they have no hope. Our basic ability to earn a living and survive has been greatly impacted by recent and ongoing events.

What if all of the hardship we are seeing on Earth now is the direct result of a programmed, galactic cycle?

What if the ugliness, rottenness and horror many of us are seeing for the first time is an essential step in awakening from spiritual childhood to full mastery?

What if there is a hidden, Galactic conscious agenda behind the seemingly horrendous mess we now find ourselves in?

Are we now experiencing a worldwide revealing of hidden, painful truths that have been jealously guarded for centuries?

What if the mind of the Universe expresses itself into material form through a living, intelligent, geometric energy?

What if this geometry "solves the universe" -- underpinning physical matter, planets, stars, galaxies and superclusters, as well as DNA, protein synthesis and biological life?

Is the geometry actually alive and intelligent? Is this why the latest studies of the human brain show that our thoughts create geometric patterns conventional science cannot explain?

Does the geometry itself change when exposed to a higher frequency? Even in the solar system itself? What might happen when this takes place?

What if we are now being bombarded with a new type of galactic energy, which is physically hotter and more active, and which also has direct effects on our consciousness?

Is this energetic amplification ultimately going to result in the Sun releasing a massive burst of light, heat and energy?

Will this "solar flash" create a dimensional shift on Earth -- changing the nature of space, time, matter, energy and conventional biology itself, at the molecular level?

Are we all being led through a Galactic initiation on earth? And for what purpose?

23 different ancient prophecies speak of the end of the great 25,920 year cycle as a time of true peace and Ascension.

I strongly encourage you not to "wait and see" if this is going to be true. The changes the prophecies spoke about are happening now. The time to master your curriculum is now.

How do you "win the game?"

Ultimately, you fulfill your personal Hero’s Journey narrative as it also plays out on the global stage, and finally get yourself off of “the Wheel of Karma.”

That’s why I’m teaching this course:

The Ascension Mystery School 3.0 is a true master class in esoteric science, ancient wisdom and advanced spiritual practices, taught by a renowned scholar with four published books, over 620 television episodes, and a 25-year track record of dazzling insights.

Each class will feature multiple Hollywood-grade camera angles and a wealth of visually sumptuous motion graphics and slides. My unique live-stream setup therefore plunges you into a new, epic esoteric movie... every week! And if you miss a livestream, all of the classes will be uploaded to your subscriber page so you can watch them whenever you want.

Prepare to have your mind utterly and absolutely blown, even if you have seen everything David has presented before.

Now that we are seeing the final stages of our global Hero's Journey cycle playing out, the material has been completely re-designed, elevated and upgraded as the teacher's own spirituality, insights and physical health are being transformed along the way.

In this online program you’ll discover:

  • The relationship between modern UFO sightings, ancient monuments, and angelic beings who are looking out for our highest good
  • The “Hidden Agenda” for our lives on earth, and the Golden Path that frees us from the pain of suffering
  • How to amplify our own Christ Consciousness to become one with the Logoic Mind and ascend like he did
  • How the “Meditation Effect” reduces war, terrorism, violent crime, domestic abuse and deaths worldwide -- and why
  • What the The Solar Flash, Interplanetary Climate Change and 1950s Extraterrestrial Prophecies signify for your ascension process
  • The unified geometric model of the Cosmos unveiled and enhanced beyond our previous offerings
  • How historic events actually repeat themselves in astonishingly precise cycles of time
  • Revealing the nature of a worldwide time cycle, predicted in ancient texts, which is now pushing the Earth and all of its inhabitants through the Ascension process
  • Stunning profiles of saints and great teachers who achieved levitation, invisibility and other supernatural 'powers' through simple, humble spiritual practices
  • A breakthrough health discovery David made in the last few months that can greatly super-charge your wellness and vitality
  • And so much more never-before-revealed information about your personal Hero’s Journey and how it converges with the Great Year

Here is what we'll cover
in the LIVE online 5-week program:

  • Week 1: Stunning Overview of the “Big Picture”
  • Week 2: The Solar Flash, Interplanetary Climate Change and 1950s Prophecies
  • Week 3: Cycle Science, the “Great Year” and Ascension
  • Week 4: Geometric Secrets of Space, Time, the Universe and Everything
  • Week 5: Understanding and Experiencing Ascension

Each week includes classes taught LIVE by David Wilcock. When you take the course, you will also get 1 year access and ability to download the materials...


If you’re ready to accelerate your awakening, join a community of like-minded people dedicated to the truth, and experience ascension, I invite you to join us today. 

Once you sign up, you won't have to wait very long for the fun to begin! I’ll be closing the doors soon to start the first class!

 I look forward to seeing you in the ascension!

In gratitude,

David Wilcock

P.S. Enrollment for the Ascension Mystery School 3.0 will be only open for a limited time.

The Wheel of Time: Mastering Your Hero's Journey

The twelve signs of the Zodiac and the cycles of history operate like a wheel of living, conscious, geometric information.

As our solar system passes through space, we also cycle through the Wheel of Karma as an intelligent template for our evolution. At the top of the wheel is freedom, love and cosmic consciousness.

Not too many people throughout the ages have escaped the gravitational pull of the cycles of time to stay at the top of the wheel.

Christ is one of those great beings who did. In Ascension Mystery School 3.0, we will do a deep-dive on what the Law of One series teaches us about Christ Consciousness -- and how you can attain it!

Just like the cycles of time, your enlightenment and spiritual growth are following a script -- and that is the Hero’s Journey.

The Great Year is coming to a triumphant close. It is "Now or Never." We want you to understand and be fully prepared to complete your own Hero’s Journey so you don't miss out on the awesome potential of this moment of time. 

How do you handle the initiation as these Hero’s Journey cycles influence you?

I’ll give you the keys to this and much more in Ascension Mystery School 3.0. We will explore what phase you’re in now, and what you have to do to get out of it.

Decoding the Hidden Messages in Your Dreams

In every Hero’s Journey there is a mentor who helps the Hero amass the power and wisdom to complete the cycle.

Your dreams could be seen as one of your most important mentors. Every dream is passing you a message that is the most important thing you need to know at this exact moment of your life. Usually these messages have to be decoded.

Dreams represent the world of the supernatural within your Hero's quest. Once you pass the initiation, you are authorized to directly penetrate into the realm of life after death.

From this exalted place, you secure a piece of living, intelligent wisdom and bring it back. That is called the gift... or the boon.

The rest of the Hero's Journey story is how you celebrate your return... the wisdom you got from the journey. 

You share your insight with the world and we are all transformed because of it.

This is a natural and essential aspect of the spiritual activation of each being.

Dreams are the most reliable way to secure those messages from the other side. I’ll be giving you keys that allow you to fully receive the messages that are trying to break through. We will also do a live dream analysis of a few participants’ dreams that everyone can learn from.

Unveiling the Cosmic Curriculum

Angels, UFOs & The “Hidden Agenda”

  • Benevolent, angelic beings are operating many of the UFOs we see today
  • Discover the messages these beings want you to know, right now
  • Access Universal Mind in your everyday life and reconnect with your original identity
  • Discover the “Hidden Agenda” for our lives on earth, and how to escape the cycles of darkness and suffering

Superhero Abilities

  • Activate your superhero-like abilities when the solar flash occurs
  • Discover why the full ascension did not happen on December 21st 2012, but is still imminent
  • Catalog the global signposts of the coming change... and understand the hidden meaning behind seemingly horrible things
  • Get practical tools to prepare yourself for the remainder of the ascension process

The “Great Year”

  • Document how benevolent ETs hid all the clues to discover the 25,000-year cycle and the events predicted to occur at its conclusion point
  • Learn how to activate your Christ Consciousness and step off the “Wheel of Karma’
  • Get spiritually prepared for this critical juncture in time
  • Defeat the forces of darkness through your own awakening

Geometry & Healing

  • Discover the astonishing "Geometric Unified Field Theory" that integrates matter, biology and consciousness into a breathtaking new whole
  • Enjoy a spiritualized view of the Universe where being exposed to the knowledge itself creates an alchemical activation within you
  • Use these “geometric secrets” to repattern your thoughts and recreate your reality
  • Explore the ancient practices of Tibetan monks that can help activate your own “Rainbow Body”
  • Discover the eating habits of indigenous cultures who enjoyed nearly perfect health

Blast Off

  • What the Mayans say about the upcoming cycle that will have catastrophic as well as consciousness-transforming effects
  • Prevent the stress of the cycles of history from negatively impacting your mind and your experience in life
  • End the patterns of being forced to repeat karmic patterns and give your power away, and instead supercharge your Ascension

Meet Your Teacher for this Exclusive Online Training

About David Wilcock

David Wilcock is a New York Times best-selling author, a producer and regular star who appears in over 100 episodes of Ancient Aliens on History Channel, and a renowned public speaker and spiritual scholar. David is rewriting entire branches of science and leading a new narrative of human history, one that includes races of highly advanced beings that we share earth and space with.

The Golden thread that weaves his work together is the science of Ascension – a solar-system-wide transformation that elevates earth and humanity to a higher phase of spiritual advancement.

David’s message is one of unity and love, encouraging people to live a life of goodness and harmony. He is a cosmic reporter of poignant news and events in the Ascension timeline and drama.


– Here’s What You’ll Receive –

#1) UNPRECEDENTED LIVE  5-Week Course with
David Wilcock

Every week, YOU will be joining David on an exclusive Live webinar training designed to guide you through the Ascension process and accelerate your spiritual path. You’ll be learning how ancient prophecies, new scientific discoveries, and the Law of One teachings create a unified action plan to supercharge your ascension. By the end of the five weeks, you will have a clear path marked with specific meditation techniques, practical exercises, and deep insights to light your way.

#2) Complete Audio & Video Training Package

Every cinema-quality Live training will be recorded and available in video and audio formats, so you’ll be able to download and own all the content. If you want to watch the trainings over and over, or you miss one of the live trainings, you’ll be able to watch at your leisure.

#3) Ascension Meditations and Journal Exercises

During the Live training, David will impart specific meditation techniques and exercises for you to practice on your own time. These will be instrumental in your progress, and you’ll be able to continue the practice even after the course. Every meditation and exercise is designed to help you accelerate your spiritual path and prepare for light-body activation!

#4) NEW Ascension Mystery School 3.0 Private Forum

Our Private Forum will connect you with a worldwide community of like-minded people to discuss the course material, share experiences, as well as give and receive support. This is where you can post questions for guidance.

#5) A Private Membership Site with Downloadable Audio and Video Files from All Sessions

You will also have access to a private and secure membership portal that will allow you exclusive and easy access to all course content. You will have 1 year access to this membership site and will be able to download the content to rewatch as many times as you would like.

PLUS You’ll Receive these
Special Training Bonuses


Bonus #1:

Ambient Ascension Meditation by David Wilcock

Furthermore, your purchase will include a guided meditation MP3 with background music composed by David Wilcock. David has a rich palette of orchestral and ambient sound libraries to draw off of in making this a truly uplifting journey. This will help integrate many of the concepts in the class and provide you with a beautiful, meaningful experience that you can enjoy again and again.

*This bonus will be released after week 1 of the program.

Bonus #2:

DNA Secrets: TV Talks with Dr. Glen Rein

As an added incentive to take this class, you will enjoy two full-length, high-quality television episodes where David Wilcock dialogues with the legendary DNA scientist Dr. Glen Rein on many of the topics we will be discussing. This was taped earlier this year on the same set we will use for the class. 

Enjoy the intellectual firestorm of these two titans going at it with high-level geekspeak! Mind-blowing information will fly back and forth at a furious speed, without ever losing the comfort and ease of an intriguing conversation that you have the distinct pleasure of overhearing. Don’t miss it!

*This bonus will be released after week 2 of the program.

Bonus #3:

The Return of the Sacred Feminine in the Cycles of Time with Elizabeth Wilcock

Elizabeth Wilcock will be presenting two full-length modules for this class as well, The Return Of the Sacred Feminine and the Cycles of Time. In it you’ll discover the alchemy of how the sacred feminine energy nourishes and strengthens men, women and social systems.

In this bonus, you will receive: 1. Warrior Codes that protect the sacred feminine, 2. Sacred feminine alchemy that deeply nourishes both men and women, and 3. Keys to how the marriage of opposites strengthens and empowers your body and all social, biological and business systems.

*Part 1 released after week 3, Part 2 released after week 4.

Here’s What’s Inside Gateway to Galactic Mind Curriculum

LIVE May 16th, 2021

Week 1: Stunning Overview of
the "Big Picture"

Discover the connection between ancient monuments, UFOs, and benevolent, angelic beings who continue to help us avert disaster. Learn about “Universal Mind,” how it came into being, and what can happen for you when you fully access it.

  • Discover the “Hidden Agenda” for our lives on earth, and the deepest spiritual reason for evil (plus the Golden Key to move beyond suffering and pain)
  • Explore the truths about ascension encoded in ancient monuments, including what The Great Pyramid of Giza tells us about the coming Christ Consciousness 
  • Learn about your innate inner powers and discover the secrets of the “Levitating Saints!”

LIVE May 23rd, 2021

Week 2: The Solar Flash, Interplanetary Climate Change and 1950s Prophecies

The Law of One points to a 25,000 year cycle that we are currently at the end of. Prepare your spirit and your consciousness for the Great Year, the solar flash, and the ascension from 3rd into 4th density awareness. Here is an overview of what is covered in this 2-part module:

  • Discover what 23 ancient prophecies say about this particular moment in time, and the peace and harmony that lies ahead if enough of us prepare spiritually
  • Get ready for the solar flash that will transform your body and activate your superhero-like abilities
  • Understand the results of David’s private analysis of NASA interplanetary climate change data, beginning in 2004 (with over 150 unique data points.) This includes changes of interstellar space, the heliosphere, the Sun and every planet
  • Dive into the fascinating labyrinth of 1950s ET contacts, how they were verified as being truthful, and what they revealed about a coming change that will drastically affect our entire solar system
  • New info will be presented even if you have heard David discuss some of this data in the past!

LIVE May 30th, 2021

Week 3: Cycle Science, the “Great Year” and Ascension

Our universe cycles through each Zodiac Sign every 2,160 for a grand cycle of 25,920 years. History repeats itself in various cycles, including the 2,160-year "Age of the Zodiac." A great example is the astonishing connection between Hannibal and Hitler, who invaded the same lands at the same moments, exactly 2,160 years apart. Weirdest of all, they actually look almost identical to each other! David will reveal exactly why this happens and what the implications are.

When we reach the end of the entire Zodiac cycle, we have the greatest opportunity for ascension, where we can stay at the top of the wheel in cosmic consciousness and love. It is a great idea to seize this opportunity and prepare now. Here is an overview of what is covered in this module:

  • How to heal and break the cycle of allowing toxic people into your life 
  • Discover how to use a “talisman” to master your inner Hero’s Journey and transform your own life, as well as the entire world for the better
  • How Christ became the embodiment of the Galactic Mind or logos, and how to escape the “wheel of time” to move beyond personal karma like he did

LIVE June 6th, 2021

Week 4: Geometric Secrets of Space, Time, the Universe and Everything

David's "Geometric Unified Field Theory" keeps getting more and more amazing and all-encompassing as time goes on. Even if you have watched all of his previous courses, prepare to have your mind blown, as the model has evolved in the last year as new events and data emerge.

We are all projections of a single universal Geometric thought. Discover what the Law of One reveals about the structure and function of this Universal Thought, and how you can fully align with it to more powerfully transform your life. Here is a partial overview of what will be covered in this module: 

  • How geometric patterns define the Universe at all levels of size, from the very smallest to the very largest
  • The Ascension mechanism that is activated by our journey through the geometric energy fields of our Sun's companion star
  • How to trigger the “Rainbow Body” ascension described by the Tibetan monks by aligning with Universal Thought
  • How to optimize your health by following the eating habits of indigenous cultures who enjoyed nearly perfect health
  • Master the principles of Ageless Wisdom and Christ Consciousness to amplify your health when bombarded with temptations

LIVE June 13th, 2021

Week 5: Understanding and
Experiencing Ascension

The Ascension is a living practice, and The Law of One shows us exactly how to move beyond The Wheel of Karma for good. Discover the two specific practices that will help you increase your spiritual progress exponentially, and gain greater insights into how to access the messages from the Universe that come through in your dreams. Here is an overview of what is covered in this module: 

  • How the actions we take as individuals and societies become etched into the Akashic Record, which forces us to repeat karma over and over again
  • How to harness the energy available to us on Earth at this time and spring-load our Ascension process
  • How to move beyond the “lower-level” teachings of fourth, fifth and even sixth density, and truly understand and apply the “Gateway” teachings of seventh density – the last stop before we reunify with the One Infinite Creator!

    David Wilcock presents


    Gateway to Galactic Mind

    A 5-Week LIVE Online Program to Understand the Cycles of History, Prepare for the Coming ‘Great Year’, & Master Your Hero’s Journey

    Program Summary:

    Here’s what you’ll receive:

    #1) LIVE 5-Week Online Course with David Wilcock Containing over 22 Hours of His Most Recent & Profound Teachings [Value $497]

    #2) Complete Audio & Video Training Package with 1 Year Access to all the Recordings and Material, Plus Download Ability [Value $297]

    #3) Ascension Meditations and Journal Exercises to Truly Integrate the Teachings [Value $97]

    #4) NEW Ascension Mystery School 3.0 Private Forum with Secure Access to Our Growing Community [Value $197]

    #5) Private Membership Portal with downloadable Access to all the Videos, Audios, and Bonuses
    [Value $197]  

    Plus. you’ll also receive:

    BONUS #1: Ambient Ascension Meditation by
    David Wilcock

    BONUS #2: DNA Secrets: TV Talks with Dr. Glen Rein

    BONUS #3: Return of the Sacred Feminine in the Cycles of Time w/ Elizabeth Wilcock





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    In Light and Gratitude, 

    David Wilcock

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    Will I be able to download the sessions?

    Yes, as part of the course you will receive audio & video recordings of everything so you will not miss a thing. Once purchased, you will be given access to our exclusive membership area where all of your course material and downloads will be stored.

    You will be able to download each session after it's scheduled broadcast date listed in the section above.


    As part of the course, you will receive access for up  to one year in the member portal and you can also download all the materials to own them forever just store them on your computer or harddrive. This will give you as much time as you need to review the course material and to rewatch as many times as you like. There is no time limit for when you need to complete the course so you are able to take your time and go through the material at your own leisure.

    What happens after I purchase?

    After your purchase is complete, you will receive an email in 10 minutes.  This email will contain all the details on how to register for the LIVE classes as well as how to access the membership portal. If you do not receive your email within 10 minutes, please check both your spam and promotions folders. If you have any questions, please email customer support at

    When do the live calls take place ?

    The majority of the program will be taught LIVE on a platform called Zoom over the next several weeks.

    Here are the LIVE Class Schedule dates at 3 pm Pacific Time:

    • Module 1: Sunday, May 16th
    • Module 2: Sunday, May 23rd
    • Module 3: Sunday, May 30th
    • Module 4: Sunday, June 6th
    • Module 5: Sunday, June 13th

    Within 24 hours of each live call, we will upload the video and audio recordings into this private members' area for you to watch, listen and download. 

    Thee instructions for how to register for the LIVE calls are in your after-purchase confirmation email.

    You do not have to attend the live sessions to enjoy this program. Each call will be recorded and uplaoded to the memberhip area so you do not miss a thing!

    What if I am a previous member?

    If you have taken one of the previous courses through the Ascension Mystery School or Elizabeth's Priestess Path Initiations, Summer of Shamanism or her Death and Dying course, then you qualify for the previous member discounted rate. You will receive $100 off the normal price of $333. In order to receive your discount and to confirm your previous membership, please email us at and we will be more than happy to assist.

    How can I get support or help if I have an additional question?

    If you have any additional questions or need support, simply email our customer support team at and we will be more than happy to assist.

    Why are you charging money for this?

    This online training program will consist of nearly 80 hours of professionally produced content and is funded all by David.  In order to get his message and this program out into the world, there are certain costs that must be covered. We truly and deeply appreciate everyone's support for making this mission and course possible. The three-part webinar series is free, you can view.20+ hours of Free content on Youtube, purchase his books on Amazon, and receive countless free articles and books on his website,

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