David Wilcock Presents:

Ascension Mystery School 20/20

The Great Awakening

A  7-Session Online Training Program to Prepare for Upcoming Planetary Changes, to Connect with Your Higher Guides & to Fulfill Your Soul Purpose

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The Great Awakening Online Program has already been recorded and the sessions are ALL available now!

Here's What You'll Receive


#1) FIVE Training Sessions with David Wilcock [over 15+ hours]

For 5-weeks YOU will be joining David and a global community on an exclusive training designed to guide you through the Ascension process. You’ll learn how to prepare for the upcoming planetary changes, connect with your Higher Guides, and how to fulfill your Soul's purpose. Here is what we'll be covering:

  • Module 1 - Lucid Dreaming, Out of Body Experiences, Remote Viewing and Dream Interpretation
  • Module 2 - The Mars / Maldek Migration, the Pyramid Timeline and the Spiritual Hero's Journey
  • Module 3 - Connection with Your Soul, Ascension Prophecies, the Law of One
  • Module 4 - Connection with The Watchers, Elders, and Great Spiritual Avatars
  • Module 5 - Connect with Your Soul’s Purpose/Destiny, Clearing Your Karma, Light Body Activation

#2) TWO Online Q&A Sessions w/ David Wilcock [4+ hours]

*This is YOUR opportunity to get your specific questions answered from David in real-time!!

You’ll be invited to join David for a special Question & Answer webinar twice during the training. He will be answering questions from students and analyzing actual dreams!

#3) TWO Online Sessions w/ Elizabeth Wilcock [3+ Hours]

Elizabeth will broadcast two sessions one on Sacred Boundaries and a second on Spiritual Connection Techniques.

Each session will complement the teachings by David with a focus on understanding the sacred feminine aspects and balancing polarities in our world today.

#4) A Private Membership Site with Downloadable Audio and Video Files from All Sessions

Every Live training will be recorded and available in video and audio formats so you’ll be able to download and own all the content. So if you want to watch the trainings over and over or you miss one of the live trainings, you’ll be able to watch at your leisure.

PLUS Receive these Special Enrollment Bonuses

- Now Available for a Limited Time - 

BONUS #1: NEW Special Ascension Mystery School Guest Faculty Teachings and Lectures

Special guest faculty includes Sperry Andrews, Dannion Brinkley, Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts for an additional 5+ hours of deep-dive training and disclosure - (Additional faculty to be announced later)

BONUS #2: NEW Connecting to Angelic Forces, Helping Spirits & Your Power Animal with Elizabeth Wilcock

A guided meditation spirit journey to meet your power animal. Power animals are deeply calming and soothing to the soul while bringing the gift of their specific medicine to us.

  • Learn how to journey into the spirit world through guided deep meditation
  • Connect to the power of your spirit animal
  • Connect to soothing friendship from the animal kingdom

BONUS #3NEW Seven Ascension Meditations: Connect to Your Soul, Purpose & Depths of Your Consciousness

Work through the following 7 PRIMARY Meditations on an ongoing basis to create clear communication with your higher self and access expanded states of consciousness.

BONUS #4NEW Downloadable Ascension Digital Dream Journal

As part of the live trainings, you will get to experience the same process David uses to gain insights and sacred knowledge into the secrets of ascension. By using a combination of dream journaling and meditation techniques, you will get to practice these life changing exercises on your own time. These will be instrumental in your progress and something you’ll be able to continue even after the course. Every meditation and exercise is designed to help you accelerate your soul's journey while preparing you for the upcoming planetary changes.


Presenting David Wilcock’s



Here’s what you’ll receive:

1) Five Online Training Sessions with David Wilcock – Containing over 20+ Hours of his Newest Teachings, Slides and Practices [Value $497]

2) Two Online Q&A Marathon Webinars with David Wilcock – Over 4+ Hours of Additional Interaction [Value $297]

3) Two Online Training Session with Elizabeth Wilcock on Boundaries and Spiritual Protection – Over 4+ Hours of Additional Interaction [Value $297]

4) A Private Member Area for Easy Viewing and Downloadable Audio & Video Files of ALL Sessions for LIFETIME Access [Value $197]

PLUS get these Limited BONUSES:

Bonus #1: NEW Special Ascension Mystery School Guest Faculty Teachings and Lectures including: Sperry Andrews, Dannion Brinkley, Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts for an additional 5+ hours of deep-dive training and disclosure – (Additional faculty to be announced later) [Value $397+]

Bonus #2: NEW Special Bonus Session: Connecting with Angelic Forces, Spiritual Allies and Power Animals with Elizabeth Wilcock [Value $197]

Bonus #3: NEW Ascension Meditation Series: 7 Primary Meditations to Create Clear Communication with Your Soul and to Expand your Consciousness with David Wilcock [Value $197]

Bonus #4: NEW Downloadable Ascension Digital Dream Journal


Ascension Mystery School 20/20
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There is a strict NO REFUND policy at this point because when you join you will have immediate access to the entire course (over 25++hours). As a member you will get access to 5 teachings sessions with David, 3 teaching sessions with Elizabeth, 2 LIVE Q&A sessions with David, and bonus faculty interviews. Please join us ONLY if you are fully committed these teachings and we look forward to serving you!  

In Light and Gratitude, 

David and Elizabeth Wilcock

Click to Read the Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions:

What time and dates will the Live classes be held?

The schedule for the Ascension Mystery School 20/20 - The Great Awakening is listed below. All broadcast times are listed in Pacific Time (Los Angeles). If you are unable to attend a live broadcast, you will have full access to the replay available in the paid membership area. 

  • Session 1: Sunday, April 12th, 12 noon PT
  • Session 2: Sunday, April 19th, 12 noon PT
  • Training with Elizabeth: Thursday, April 23rd, 12 noon PT
  • Session 3: Sunday, April 26th, 12 noon PT
  • Q & A with David: Wednesday, April 29th, 12 noon PT
  • Training with Elizabeth: Thursday, April 30th, 12 noon PT
  • Session 4: Sunday, May 3rd, 12 noon PT
  • Training with Elizabeth: Thursday, May 7th, 12 noon PT
  • Session 5: Sunday, May 10th, 12 noon PT
  • Q & A with David: Wednesday, May 13th, 12 noon PT
Will I be able to download the sessions?

Yes, as part of the course you will receive audio & video recordings of everything so you will not miss a thing. Once purchased, you will be given access to our exclusive membership area where all of your course material and downloads will be stored.

You will be able to download each session after it's scheduled broadcast date listed in the section above.

Can I ask David and Elizabeth a question?

As part of the course, you will also receive two Q&A sessions with David. This will give you the opportunity to submit your specific questions to David during the broadcast!

How can I get support or help if I have an additional question?

If you have any additional questions or need support, simply email our customer support team at and we will be more than happy to assist.

Why don't you have a Facebook group for the course?

In order to bring our exclusive community together, we are offering a dedicated online forum instead of a Facebook group for all Ascension Mystery School 20/20 members. This private forum will allow you to connect with other course members, ask questions, and build lasting relationships as you journey through the program together.

Why are you charging money for this?

This online training program is completely self-produced and funded by David.  In order to get his message and this program out into the world, there are certain costs that must be covered. We truly and deeply appreciate everyone's support for making this mission and course possible. You can view 20+ hours of Free content on Youtube and also purchase his books on Amazon.